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Each month, Vintage Guitar magazine proves why it's the most respected source of in-depth information on classic guitars, amps, the coolest new gear, and the musicians who make it all great. Plus, with thousands of new, used, and vintage instruments for sale in every issue, VG provides a direct link to your dream axe and rig! And as a subscriber, you can buy and sell using VG's free classified ads.

Every month in VG, you'll get nearly 200 pages of:

  • In-depth interviews with real guitar heroes of the past and present.
  • Full-color features that highlight classic gear in fantastic detail.
  • The real stories behind the less-than-famous guitars that fueled the guitar craze, by renowned guitar historian Michael Wright.
  • Answers to tough guitar questions from George Gruhn's Q&A column, exclusively in VG.
  • The popular Reader's Gallery, showcasing readers' instruments. Send us photos of your favorite gear!
  • Tone, repair, and maintenance secrets from guitar and amp experts Dan Erlewine, Gerald Weber, and Tony Nobles.
  • Columns and features on all types of acoustics, electrics, amplifiers, basses, and effects.
  • Help selecting the best new guitar-oriented CDs, videos, DVDs, and books.
  • Up-to-date values on vintage and used gear.
  • Plus gear reviews, new product news, book and video reviews, and a list of guitar shows from around the world! more

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